When is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday?


Strawberry asked:

I was at the Monticello the other day and on Thomas Jefferson’s tomb stone and it said that he was born April 2nd.
Here’s a link to the picture of it:


Then my mom told me that on the news that his birthday was April 13.
So when is it?

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real birthday=april 2nd.


He was born on his birthday.


April 13, 1743-July 4, 1826 according to all web sites but if his grave says April 2nd then I assume it is April 2nd


April 13, 1743

Below is the Biography of Thomas Jefferson.


Happy 266th birthday, Tom!

Note the initials OS after April 2.
The United States (or the British colonies which became the USA) changed the calendar after Jefferson was born, and everything got moved up 11 days.

So in the old style it was April 2, but in the new calendar it was April 13. So it’s both.

From Wiki:
Britain and the British Empire (including the eastern part of what is now the United States) adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752 by which time it was necessary to correct by 11 days. Wednesday, 2 September 1752 was followed by Thursday, 14 September 1752 to account for 29 February 1700 (Julian)


Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday – April 13,1743 he was originally born on April 2, but the calendar changed.

The 1752 Calendar Change -
Today, Americans are used to a calendar with a “year” based the earth’s rotation around the sun, with “months” having no relationship to the cycles of the moon and New Years Day falling on January 1.

England’s calendar change included three major components. The Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar, changing the formula for calculating leap years. The beginning of the legal new year was moved from March 25 to January 1. Finally, 11 days were dropped from the month of September 1752.
However, that system was not adopted in England and its colonies until 1752.

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