How do we know that Sally Hemmings gave birth to Thomas Jefferson’s son and not his nephew or cousin?


Dingo Warrior asked:

When were all the other Jefferson men living at the monticello plantation ruled out as the father of Hemming’s last child?

When the story broke, the scientists who did the DNA tests could only conclude that ONE of the Jefferson men fathered the child; not necessarily Thomas Jefferson. It could have been Randolph Jefferson, who was 52 at the time. Thomas would have been 64, and all the Jefferson men were ruled out as the father of the rest of Sally Hemming’s children. Which had been speculated on for generations.
Old school: Yes she did go to France with him. Sally was half white. Thomas Jefferson inherited her from his father-in-law, and her father! Yes, Sally Hemmings was the half-sister of his wife. That has always been an explanation of why she was so well treated.

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Old School MC

OMG be real the woman accompied him to France. Jefferson even smoked weed too.


And your point they are all dead.

Does someone really care?

Not me.

But yes I have heard about him and Sally all my life and I just never cared one way or another.

Why is this important to you?


It’s not just DNA that is used to narrow down the paternity of historical individuals. Using land records, court documents, tax records and wills, land sales and transfers, it can usually be determined who was present during the period when conception would have taken place. Someone is already doing this research, but since I am not related to them, I didn’t track their findings.

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